Ir. Monique Wolak is a green heritage researcher and a garden and landscape architect BNT.

Knowledge about the history and the spirit of a place are for Monique the most important keys to work with before she starts designing or giving advice. Hence she did as much green heritage research as possible during her studies. For example, she did research on the development of the Dutch polders, as well as on the influence of the different Dutch landscapes on farmhouse types. During her university years she also wrote reports about the impact of British industrialisation on the British landscape and the history of English Gardens. She is immensely grateful to have had the legendary professor Hans Warnau as her tutor during her entire university life.

Monique aims to create a place in which people feel happy. For this, her knowledge of environmental psychology is indispensable. She applies her plant knowledge and research and design experience with zeal for historic landscapes and gardens, which hold a special place in her heart. Working for the National Trust at the beautiful garden of Sissinghurst is therefore the highlight on her career.

Monique thoroughly enjoys the chances she gets to work with lovely amazing people and to make their environment a bit more beautiful. She works both in Britain and in The Netherlands.